Our stand can be made from Sintra (PVC sheeting) or from plywood.We prefer  the 1/4 inch Sintra as it doesn't splinter or degrade from moisture,its light weight and with 3 shelves in place is its quite stable.It can be taken apart,folded and carried to or from your work place and it fits in the trunk of most compact cars.Although the stand is made from Sintra plastic the shelves must be made from plywood
Here is the Sintra stand with combination manifold and bottle holder in place. You can see the hose from the compressor coming  out of the bottom of the stand and up the side to the manifold.
At the side you can see the hose going from the manifold  that crosses  inside the stand over to the manifold on other side
From the  side rear view you see the stand with a third manifold in place.This stand offers several configurations to fit  your needs
Here is a rear view of the stand showing the threaded rods used to hold the shelves up and hold the stand together
Here is the folded stand showing how thin it folds up
Plans for this stand including  manifold and bottle holder are avialible for $20 plus $1.50 s&h
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