This was the 10th anniversary of the Face And Body Art International convention and I just had to attend this last one of 2011(last one for me).
This is the most fantastic event. I'm so glad I went and participated. So many great artists, outstanding instructors, inspiring designs, cool products, clever tips, generous prizes, and old and new friends. Can't imagine how it could have been any better. If you've never been, I would encourage you to start saving now for next year. It's well worth it on both the creative and the business levels.

Arrived late Wednesday and after a $50 cab ride to the Double Tree Hotel I went straight to the vendors room,then checked in at the Badger booth to meet Ken and Allison.

 Up at 7am Thursday, phoned the wife and then to breakfast at the local B-K. After standing in line for 20 minutes I found I left my wallet back at my hotel room luckily I was bailed out by Marcela's sister and her husband Henry. The vendors room opened at 9 and Badger had the absolute lowest prices on airbrushes,compressors and inks ever,Patriot or Omni airbrush with hose and a quick connect plus 3 one oz bottles of Totally Tattoo tatt inks for $50.Talked and sold  airbrush items until 12 noon and then off to the the B-K for lunch, and yes I took my wallet this time.
 Donna Nowak had her Stencil Eyes class from 2:30-3:30 and I made the mistake of attending. At the end of her class she announced that this was my birthday and had a balloon hat that resembled a cake with candles made for me to wear.I wore that hat all day but not at the jam as it kept falling off my head. Actually my birthday is June 26 but as this will be my last year at FABAI and they did there best to make it special for me. Actually this was planed ahead by my wife and Donna.
 Thursday and Friday I worked the Badger booth and helped out in the airbrush room
I took many,many photos but to my dismay never got a good one of Ken.Ken is one awesome guy. He is proud of his products and stands behind them to a fault. He is also one of the nicest and honest men I have ever met.
 Had bad leg cramps Thursday night,so I went to the Walgreen's drug store to find something to take care of the leg cramps.
Friday night the medication I got from Walgreen's worked and I had a good nights sleep.Then back to the Badger booth for a mad house day as everyone was going for the fantastic deals on the used airbrushes and hoses (with quick connects) from the airbrush room.The prices will make you sick,a Patriot airbrush went for $4 with hose $5. We also had some great new compressors with a holding tank that we sold out of, Ken ordered more but with a 30 day wait, with shipping $115 delivered.Saturday the room closed at 1:30 and Allison and I were to leave at 2:30 for the airport.Kens rental car wouldn't start so he ordered a taxi to take us to the airport. Allison's plane left 2 hours before mine so I had a bit of a wait.Plane ride home was as boring as all plane trips are.Wife met me at the airport with our dog Abby who went ballistic when she saw me. Came home with several blisters and very sore legs. As I'm going on 77years old I feel this is the time to retire from trade shows,But not from teaching small classes.

Painting America one body at time

Ken from badger makeing out a recept
Gary Cole
Leon,the 6ft+ Santa
Pix of the birthday party and the balloon cake hat.
                 I looked gooooood
I want to thank Badger Airbrush for having me demo there products at the FABAI.I personally use Badger-Thayer and Chandler products exclusively

My Wife and Donna got together to surprise me with a birthday party at the conventio